Cali Carter is one amazing cocksucker! She started off slow and sensual, teasing me with her talented mouth as I stared into her amazing blue eyes. She gradually picked up the pace until she was pumping her beautiful face up n down on my rock hard cock. I struggled not to cum within the 1st few minutes. Every time she wrapped her lips firmly around the head of my cock I thought I was going to blow! Finally, Cali finished me right off, her eyes lit up as I pumped a HUGE load of cum right into her perfect little mouth. What a fucking dream!

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Cali and Kenzie – Edging Salon Teasers Demonstrate Ruined Orgasm Techniques (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Welcome to the edging salon, Princesses! This is a tutorial on how to edge your slave. Cali n Kenzie have a male specimen on the table for the demonstration. Observe, the male has been restrained. Always be sure to restrain your male while practicing your ruined orgasm techniques at home. Before starting any sexual stimulation, be sure that your male has been kept in chastity a very long time. This will ensure that he will be very eager to please and more willing to accept whatever you do 2 him. The slave in this demo has been kept in chastity for over two months. Next, put some lube on his little beta “manhood.” Even though your male has probably never been allowed inside your pussy, he will still respond positively to the feeling of wetness, even if he can’t remember why it feels good to him.
You probably won’t need to encourage an erection, if your slave has been kept in chastity long enough one will happen automatically once the chastity has been removed. But, if your slave is scared or nervous about what you might do to it, you may need to force an erection. To force an erection, start your grip at the base of the penis n pull the blood upwards. It is a pinch n pull motion. Soon, the blood will be forced into the male’s cock and it will have no choice but to accept whatever you choose to do with it sexually. It’s always good to edge your slave before ruining its orgasm. Edging is about bringing the male to the height of its sexual pleasure, but not allowing it to go “over the edge” into the sexual release of orgasm. You can observe the breathing of the male to gauge how near the edge it is. The heavier the breathing, the nearer to orgasm it is. You want to keep it’s breathing heavy, but if you observe a change in your slave’s breathing, this might indicate that it is too near a sexual climax. Try stopping for a few seconds so that he doesn’t go “over the edge.” Males have a concentration of nerve endings in the tip of the penis. Be sure that youre giving the head enough stimulation. It is a proven fact that you can control the entirety of a male with just the tip of its penis. If you see your male getting too near orgasm, observable by rapid breathing often accompanied by a slight body shaking, pull your hand away immediately. You never want to allow your male to get what it wants. If it’s body is shows signs of desiring immediate sexual release, be sure that u`re denying it fully so that you can keep it right at that edge. Other indicators that the male is nearing orgasm are an increase in the size or thickness of the penis as the blood starts to rush n cause swelling. Also the testicles, if they are not bound, will start to pull back up into the male’s body. If you notice a change in the thickness of the penis, or observe the testicles moving back up into the male’s body, hands off! Don’t let it go over that edge yet! If you can find a friend to assist you in edging your slave, it’s even better. This will insure that your slave never gets a break from the sexual frustration you want it to feel, and also you have someone to pass it off to when your hand gets tired. When you are ready to allow your slave to cum, be sure to ruin its orgasm. An orgasm is ruined when you remove sexual stimulation just as the male starts to cum. Cali n Kenzie demonstrate a perfect ruin. This clip shows a lot of great examples, but also have fun developing your own edging n ruined orgasm techniques with your slaves at home!

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Brat Princess 2 – Cali Carter – Cuck Bobs for Condoms in Princess Water [HD]

Cali discovers a condom in the toilet. Her cuck has been very bad. The cuck is supposed to finish every drop, every time Cali gives him one of her boyfriends condoms. He is not allowed to throw a condom in the toilet, ever. Cali makes the cuck bob for the condom in the toilet. The cuck retrieves the condom. Cali makes the cuck drop the condom back in the toilet n bob for it again.
Cali pushes the cucks head down into the bowl with her heel. Cali has to use the bathroom, thats what she had come in the room to do before she got distracted. She uses the toilet. Cali makes the cuck bob for her toilet paper in the Princess water. The cuck bobs desperately for Calis toilet paper. It fails. Cali asks the cuck if it has learned its lesson. This will not happen again in the future, because from now on, Cali will pour all of her boyfriends used condoms into the cucks mouth herself. Cali stands above the toilet n makes the cuck look at her ass. Her ass is not for him. Her ass is for her boyfriend. He can fuck it, the cuck can only look. Cali reminds the cuck that she owns him. Her ass rules his pathetic life. Cali gives the cuck a swirly until it admits its a loser.

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