Young Goddess Kim – Boot Closet Slave [HD]

You are so addicted to My boots, they own you now. your life is spent locked up in My closet, holding My boots. Praying for the day I open the door & let you crawl out to hand My boots. On your knees, waiting in desperation while I slowly zip them up over My fishnet stocking legs. you are in awe of Me, and grateful for your purpose in life spent grovelling and worshiping. Its time for you to crawl to Me, boot bitch, n get to work. Start by kissing the boot soles that own you, and follow My guidance in your thorough boot worship, from the very bottom all the way to the tops of My thighs. Please Me.

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14 min


Mistress Jinx SWF Seeks New Footslave [FullHD]

Mistress Jinx is happy to be finished with the divorce & has placed an online ad seeking a new man to serve her. She is very happy with your response and is so excited to finally meet you. Jinx has herself made up perfectly and is all decked out when you arrive. It is been a long time since she’s had her pretty little feet worshiped so she invites u in and strips off her stockings immediately.
Mistress Jinx instructs u to massage her feet, and then orders you to worship them properly with your mouth. She is very strict about restricting you from touching yourself until she gives permission. Jinx tells you exactly how to kiss, lick, suck and nibble on her toes and feet. All you have to do is eagerly serve and obediently follow her directions.

When Mistress Jinx is ready she tells u exactly when and where to drop your load on her sexy feet and toes. But you’re not done until you lick her feet clean. Mmmmmm….you have made her so happy. Stay in line, remember who’s the boss & this can become a regular thing.

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