Hubbies – Tiffani Makes You Soak Your Diaper ‘Til It’s Soppy Wet – WMV [HD]

“Excuse me, little man. Where do u think you’re going? The potty? Really? D-D-Did you forget that you are wearing d-d-diapers? You don’t have potty privileges when Sitter Tiffani is in charge. I’ve you wearing those thick bulky diapers 4 a reason. And now it looks like I am going to have to teach u a lesson. You are going to wet that diaper for me. Not once, not twice, but three times. Right in front of me. And if u think having 2 peepee your pampies in front of your sitter is embarrassing? Just u wait. Your diaper punishment isn’t going to be over until i’s completely soaked, soppy & sagging…”

Tiffani takes charge as your sitter, forcing you 2 wet your diapers three times before she allows you to be changed… For your first forced diaper wetting, Tiffani sends u to the most embarrassing public place u can imagine, where you r going to have no choice but to wet your diaper. “Ssssssssssss…” Then Tiffani makes u soak that already-soppy diaper again & again!

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